Tuesday, 14 August 2012

GHD Peacock Collection 2012 Review

GHDs are definitely the best stylers for me. Since my hair is naturally a frizzy mess and insanely thick I find it really hard to find products that actually work for me. I need not search anymore... GHDs are the way forward! I set my heart on this gorgeous limited edition sapphire styler and knew it was the one for me. 
They take less than a minute to heat up and only about 5-10 minutes to straighten my entire head which lasts for the entire day! Excellent! An effortless and timeless way to achieve perfectly sleek, straight hair.
Also, the plates minimise my frizz which I have not found in any other straightener, almost as if the heat isn't damaging my hair in the slightest.

As soon as i opened the post packaging, my eyes were drawn to the beautiful holographic box with the wonderful peacock feathers. I'll definitely be keeping this box! 
Inside the box you will find this silky sapphire satin roll bag with peacock feathers embroidered into it. The roll bag doubles as a heat resistant mat to place the styler on when you are not using it which is a great practical feature of the bag. You can also separate the mat and bag with two buttons.
Inside the bag is a fabric wall so that you can keep the cable separate from the styler.
Finally, the actual styler is found inside the bag! It looks amazing with its blue shimmering plates and curved design. Even the end has a metallic blue part surrounding the cable which looks very classy and elegant. 
Another practical feature of the styler is that if left unattended for 30 minutes, it will automatically switch itself off.

Price - £119

Rating - 10/10

'Available in three colourways – deep amethyst purple, rich emerald green and dazzling sapphire blue – each Peacock collection features a ghd Gold Classic styler with coloured plates and accents and a protective plate guard, along with a luxe storage bag and roll mat. Embellished with tonal Peacock embroidery and trimmed with sleek silver hardware, this heat-resistant satin roll bag protects your styler when not in use, while the heat mat provides a safe resting place during styling. This Peacock Blue limited edition features the ghd Gold Classic styler with blue plates and accents and a co-ordinating Blue roll bag and heat mat.' 

Please tell me what you think! Leave me a comment telling me what kind of styler you use. How would you rate yours?

Apple Pie

*This product was purchased by me and this review is entirely my opinion*


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